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The years of the father (2020)



Corrado, a Jewish, orthodox young Israeli man in his thirties suddenly discovers that his long lost father is not dead but has created a new family for himself in Italy

Corrado’s decision is final: in order to know and recuperate his father, he is prepared and willing to even give up the protective figure of his mother Rosa.


His father, Sebastiano, is more than ever on the run from his past. His typically bourgeois life, comforted by his family, for him indispensable, seems to protect him, unconsciously, from any sense of guilt, therefore from himself. At what price or condition is Sebastiano willing to recognize and accept, after so many years, his deliberately "forgotten" son?


The frequent and clandestine meetings with his father turn out, for Corrado, a real torture; endured as a kind of thin, piercing interplay of acceptance and rejection, defiance and indifference, hope and denial.

But, little by little, Corrado rebels against all this: he lucidly decides to take revenge of the arrogance and constant moral paternal blackmail, moreover, very much aware, of having to even give up the love in which he wanted to believe in and for which he was willing to fight without truce nor hypocrisy.


This is, therefore, the story of a young "ordinary" man, meek and desperately thirsty for love. A tense inner journey, madly driven to the brink of a huge void. That is, the extreme edge: a metaphor of a father blinded by his bondless pride and unfathomable fears, of not by an innate, savage cynicism.

Cast Weston Coppola Cage (confirmed), Enzo Decaro (confirmed), Úrsula Corberò (tbd), Barbara De Rossi (tbd)

Production company 30Miles Film Srl, Shuki Friedman Productions (Israel)

Director Stefano Veneruso

Producer Barbara Di Mattia, Stefano Veneruso

Co-Producer (Israel) Shuki Friedman

Screenplay Stefano Veneruso, Anna Pavignano, Alfredo Morabito, Barbara Di Mattia

Line producer Raffaele Veneruso

Cinematographer Rocco Marra

Costume Designer Adelaide Stazi

Language English

Country of production Italy - Israel

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