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Skin (2005)


 1h 8min | Drama

This is the story of Anat, a single mother, and one eventful year in her life as a stripper who gets mixed up in the seedy world of the diamond exchange and ends up involved in a murder.

When a wealthy diamond dealer offers to make Anat his secretary, the opportunity seems too good to be true. But the plot thickens when he brings on a business partner with whom Anat has an affair. After a deal goes bad, Anat must choose between her contradicting loyalties while trying to repair her broken relationship with her daughter Natalie, all without getting caught up beyond rescue in an unsolved murder case.

Director Ram Loevy

Screenplay Ram Loevy

Cinematography David Gurfinkel

Editing Danny Shik

Script Shoham Samit (based on "Skin" by Ronit Yeda'aya)

Sound Alex Claude

Executive Producer Shuki Friedman

Production Company Shuki Friedman Productions, Ram Levy Communications

Production Associates The New Fund for Cinema and Television, Telad

Awards & Festivals

Chicago Israeli Film Festival, USA, 2006

Israfest New York, LA & Miami, USA, 2006

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