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Oriental (2004)


45min | Documentary 

Behind the scenes of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations at Camp David in 2000.

In the aftermath of the collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations at Camp David in 2000, Avi Nesher filmed a series of conversations with Israeli and Palestinian politicians concerning the dark core of the conflict.

Simultaneously Nesher documented with his cinematographer David Gurfinkel the Russian-Israeli belly dancer Elina Pechersky during her preparations for an ambitious performance together with five Palestinian-Israeli musicians.

Nesher weaves the two strands into one cinematic narrative, juxtaposing history and mythology, reality and imagination, questioning the unbearable communication failure between the "major" and the "minor" conflicts between Palestinian and Israeli cultures.

Director Avi Nesher

Screenplay Avi Nesher

Cinematography David Gurfinkel

Editing Isaac Sehayek

Additional photography Issa Freij

Sound Alex Claude

Production Shuki Friedman Productions, Artomas Communications

Production Associates The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts 

Broadcasted at Keshet

Awards & Festivals

Official Selection Jerusalem film Festival

Official Selection Hot Docs Film Festival

Magnolia Award SHANGHAI TV Festival

Rome Film Festival

Israel Film Festival, Paris (2004, 2005)

Human Rights Festival, Warsaw 

Philadelphia Israel Film Festival

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