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Mr. Kohl's Final Hour (2019) 

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1h 28min | Comedy, Drama 

While waiting to check into prison, lawyer Mickey Kohl attempts to finalize the details of a break in a case he lost. Based on the highly acclaimed play by Joshua Sobol, "Mr. Kohl's Final Hour" is a mono-drama dealing with a single man's struggle against a corrupt social, economic, and legal system that is based on greed.

Mr. Kohl's Final Hour trailer
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Actors Ohad Shachar, Israel Bright

Director Doron Eran

Assistant Director Roman Kruter

Script Joshua Sobol

Cast Shely Ben Joseph, Ohad Shahar

Cinematography Danor Glazer

Editing Reut Hahn

Art Direction Yoram Shayer 

Music Dani Reichental

Sound Itamar Cohen

Executive producer(s) Shuki Friedman, Doron Eran, Elad Fliekr, Evi Tabachi.

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