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Master Class (2017)

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30min | Shorts

A group of special-needs, mentally challenged people, from a “Chimes Israel” daycare center attend a weekly acting workshop with actor Arnon Zadok.

The result is a film created entirely by the group, about several characters that present moments from their lives: unfulfilled dreams, fears, and worries. The film shows us a world parallel to ours, but sheds magical light on the truth.

Director, Script & Research Bili Ben Moshe

Cinematography Ali Atrash, Micha Adar, Einav Gotman, Shachar Yeroshlmi, Nadav Genosar

Editing Tali Goldberg, Eyal Or, Yoni Cohen

Soundtrack Rotem Dror

Music Uri Benkheltar

Production Shuki Friedman, Doron Eran, Jorge Zimmermann

Production Company Shuki Friedman Productions, Cinemjet Productions



DocAviv 20017

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